Just starting here… but the idea is to create a collective of artists and present you their artwork. For now, it’s just my own…

Delphine Goussault has worked for over 25 years in the music business, as international booking agent. She moved from Paris to Utrecht in 2012, to finally join her soon-to-be Dutch husband. After a few month only, he was diagnosed with a degenerative illness which changed their life drastically.

This long period of caring for her husband at home, is the period where she started painting, first very timidly and later with assertivenss in her home atelier. She now feels ready to present her work to the eye of the public by means of an online art gallery she has just created.

Delphine Goussault

It’s been a long road, getting myself to grab a brush and
begin with painting. I spent my life surrounded by art, and artistic people. So I had to have enough nerves, or maybe just the imperative necessity to create, to finally get down to it..

A few years ago, as my life took a tragic turn and I was forced by circumstances to spend a lot of time at home, making art freed me, soothed me, gave me hope and joy in the midst of sadness and despair.
Having been adopted by the Netherlands and its people, I felt the need to reciprocate… and paint their landscapes. The ones I found most striking and attractive being coasts, the dunes, the beach-houses… The ever softness of the colour palet contrasts with the magistral fierceness of the North Sea. An ode to the Dutch character, where fire and boldness are often found under the surface of sobriety and reserve. And next the North Sea, came the other seas I had the chance to admire in my many travels. Open seas as open doors to the world… This world that I had almost forgotten existed, and that I would soon reenter, stronger, wiser, humbler, and possibly an artist.

Delphine Goussault

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