Jane Birkin
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Muse to the legendary French singer, songwriter and enfant terrible Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin takes his songs around the world again. Here they come... "Serge Gainsbourg and Jane via Japan".

ο Biography

Jane Birkin was born in London, she is the daughter of the beautiful actress Judy Campbell and David Birkin, an officer in the Royal Navy, who worked on clandestine operations as navigator with the French Resistance. She first went on stage at the age of 17 and met John Barry, the composer 1965 she had been chosen to play in a musical comedy Passion Flower Hotel. music signed ...John Barry ! They married shortly afterwards, and Kate Barry was born in 1967. 

At the age of twenty, Jane attracted attention in Blow-up, Antonioni's scandalous film that received the grand prix at the Cannes Film Festival. In France, Pierre Grimblat was filming Slogan and was looking for a girl to play opposite Serge Gainsbourg. The artist was already famous and was still grieving after his break up with Brigitte Bardot. Jane went for a screen test; she barely spoke French, knew nothing about her co-star , Gainsbourg gave the young girl a rough time, but when she burst into tears, mixing private sadness about John Barry and the film part, he disapproved, but he recognised that she cried well in front of the camera, and he, who could of vetoed the directors choice, agreed with him, and Jane got the part! And that was how their mythical love story began in Paris in 1969. They became inseparable and a living legend when they recorded Je t'aime moi non plus. Censorship went wild, the Vatican banned it, the B.B.C refused to play the original, and did their own orchestral version, thanks to this the record sold a million copies in a matter of months! Off they went to Yugoslavia to play in Abraham Polonski's "romance of a horse thief" with Yul Brynner and Eli Wallach... nine months later their daughter Charlotte was born , in 1971. 

Di Doo Dah, her first solo album, was released in 1973. This same year she proved herself as a film actress in J. Rouffio's "Sept morts sur ordonnance" with actors Depardieu and Piccoli. She also took part in the phenomenal box office and "grand public" success of "La moutarde me monte au nez" and "La course à l’échalotte", two Claude Zidi’s popular comic movies with Pierre Richard. 

In 1975 Serge and Jane were back with Je t'aime moi non plus, the film (an exploration of a homosexual theme heightened by the ambiguity of Jane, the androgynous muse.) Puritan France was outraged & the critics panned the film, but Francois Truffaut raved about it in "la masque et la plume" and since it's debut it has become a film legend, from France to Tokyo ! Lolita go home came out in 1975. Jane sang Philippe Labro's lyrics set to Gainsbourg's music. In 1978, Ex-fan des sixties was released. Read more

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